A Leading Intervention Promoting Social/Emotional Competency & Relationship Skills

Many children are facing challenges fostering social, emotional, relational learning as they adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic. All children need positive relationships & emotional connections to help them develop the skills they need to be successful in life.

What is Theraplay®?

Theraplay® is a relational, play-based approach that enhances parent & peer relationships, raises self-esteem, improves trust in self & others and is used effectively with children diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, mild ASD, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, behavioral problems, attachment disorder & depression.

• Developed by psychologist Ann Jernberg, Theraplay® has been used extensively since 1967 in Head Start and day care centers, special education classrooms, early intervention, parenting programs, residential and out-patient treatment centers & private family practice.

• It incorporates playful, cooperative & nurturing activities for children to develop the capacity to regulate their emotions, handle adversity, solve challenges & form meaningful relationships that enhance their emotional well-being.

Are You Ready to Become Your Child’s Social/Emotional Coach?

Individual Family or Multi-Family Group Theraplay®

•  Sessions Held: Saturday or Sunday for parents & children ages 7-14

•  Programming is based on well-established Theraplay®, Nurtured Heart® & Social Thinking® Curriculums designed & facilitated by Linda Aber.

•  Together, parents & children learn new concepts, tools & skills, transform their relationships & meet new friends.

•  Teaching goals are centered on proactive social skills, self-regulation, understanding emotions, calming tools & friendship skills.

• Introduces our TacTics Family Toolbox with over 45 fun, calming strategies.

• Presents visual emotional regulation concepts to help children understand their triggers, feelings & inner emotional weather forecast. •

• Allows parents to easily transfer new skills to home life expanding & creating new successes.

•  Children learn how their behavior impacts on others.

•  This virtual ZOOM experience creates fun, excitement & connection for all participants.

• During sessions, amidst the giggles, fun & playfulness, you will learn to become your child’s social coach through modeling, guiding, discussions, feedback, role-playing & guided practice.

• Utilizing Theraplay® activities during the week at home for family fun, helps to decrease your child’s reactive states.

• Your family will explore the Social Thinking Curriculum for social competency, calming tools & perspective-taking skills. 

A-ha moments come from conversation!

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