Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

Approaches utilized in our sessions are:
Attachment-Focused, Nurtured Heart, Social Thinking, Theraplay, Polyvagal Theory and HeartMath Anxiety Reduction.
For parents of loved ones struggling with addiction, we offer Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) and Invitation to Change Approaches.

Thank you for being here. I want to express gratitude and appreciation of your relentless determination and dedication to take a deeper dive into your helping role to initiate change for your loved ones. In our sessions together, you will increase your confidence and learn to establish boundaries, structure and when to step in and step out. 

Here you will learn new ways to help navigate your child's/teen's journey through ADHD, LD, Emotional Regulation, Anxiety and/or Substance or Screen Addiction.

The most important element in your child’s & adolescent’s social, emotional & life development is YOU. You are the one who is with them 24/7,  know them best, the one person who can influence and help them achieve all that they can be. Without correct parenting approaches many negative situations continue to occur daily.

Get Ready to:

• Gain an understanding and parenting skills of ADHD, LD,  anxiety, substance and screen use.

• Learn new ways to communicate, connect and collaborate with your loved ones.

• Acquire the attachment-focused parental attitude of PACE  (playful, accepting, curious and empathetic), that reaches your child's heart.

• Reduce yelling and conflicts.

• Embrace emotional regulation skills and tools.

 • Practice self-compassion and self-care.

• Learn and practice behavioral management skills based on principals of reinforcement, combined with natural consequences and limit-setting.

 • Build a stronger relationship with your child & adolescent.

• Create a happy & more peaceful home environment.

Parent coaching is here to address urgent needs first as we help restore and create peace in your home and family. 

•We work on top parental challenges & together we tackle them one by one.

•Our attachment-based parenting approaches have proven successful with children & adolescents diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, mild ASD, anxiety, bi-polar & attachment disorder.

What is Parent Coaching?
• A positive, practical approach to parenting with straightforward, realistic strategies backed by research.

• It’s a 1-on-1 opportunity for you to adopt powerful attachment-based parenting approaches that promote the healthy, secure parent-child relationship you desire.

• It’s confidential support to help you parent at your best - even when things are at their worst.

It's Easy to Get Started & All From the Comfort of Your Own Home

• Online Parent Coaching sessions are $125 per hour.

• We will meet “face-to-face” online using ZOOM.

• Meetings are scheduled every other week, or as often as you prefer

• You will learn effective techniques/tools & begin to utilize and practice them at home.

• Follow-up check-ins are offered on a regular or per need basis to support you in mastering & fine-tuning newly acquired parenting skills & scripts.

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