Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

The most important element in your children’s & adolescent’s social, emotional & life development is YOU. You are the best person to help them achieve all that they can be. Without the correct parenting approach these situations occur daily.

• Your children are ignoring your requests

• You are at the end of your rope dealing with sibling rivalry.

• Your child is having his 3rd meltdown of the day.

• Your adolescent is anxious and/or oppositional.

• You are feeling overwhelmed & hopeless.

• You're ready to talk to someone instead of internet searches & advice from friends/family.

You've Come to the Right Place

Parent coaching is here to address urgent needs first as we help restore and create peace in your home & with your family. We work on top parental challenges & together we tackle them one by one.

Our attachment-based parenting approaches have proven successful with children & adolescents diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, mild ASD, anxiety, bi-polar & attachment disorder.

What is Parent Coaching?
• A positive, practical approach to parenting with straightforward, realistic strategies backed by research.

• It’s a 1-on-1 opportunity for you to adopt powerful attachment-based parenting approaches that promote the healthy, secure parent-child relationship you desire.

• It’s confidential support to help you parent at your best - even when things are at their worst.

It's Easy to Get Started & All From the Comfort of Your Own Home

• Online Parent Coaching sessions are $100 per hour.

• We will meet “face-to-face” online using ZOOM.

• Meetings are scheduled every other week, or as often as you prefer • You will learn effective techniques/tools & begin to utilize and practice them at home.

• Follow-up check-ins are offered on a regular or per need basis to support you in mastering & fine-tuning newly acquired parenting skills & scripts.

Life-Changing Benefits for The Whole Family

• Feel more confident in your parenting role.

• Know which strategies work (and which don't!)

• Increase in self-control & self-esteem.

• Build a stronger relationship with your children & adolescents.

• Discipline without yelling.

• Make & stick to your parenting goals.

• Positive shift in your child’s behavior & focus.

• Have a safe place to return when things get off track.

• Happy & more peaceful home environment.

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