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Wednesday, January 13th, 7pm-8:30pm

Our Free Parent Support Group was created in April during Covid-19 & will continue as long as needed. You are NOT alone!

In our group, like-minded parents come together as a community to connect, receive encouragement, support, gain new parenting strategies & enjoy guest speaker presentations!

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Linda Aber, CCFE
-Certified Theraplay® Group Specialist
-Attachment Parent Coach
-Certified Nurtured Heart Advanced Trainer
-Certified HeartMath® Mentor 
-Certified Canadian Family Life Educator

Dear families,
I hope you are doing well and staying safe during these uncertain times. For over 25 years, it has been an honor and privilege to foster & enhance success for thousands of families. Our goals are to educate, support & inspire parents, educators, children, teens & adults, by facilitating unique programs and services that promote healthy relationships and thriving futures.
Parenting is the most important job of your life & doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. Parenting all children & teens, especially those with ADHD, learning differences, mild ASD, oppositional defiance, mood, adoption & attachment disorders requires positive, mindful, connective approaches.

It is especially difficult when your child is struggling with angry outbursts, impulsivity, anxiety, depression, oppositionality, defiance, stress & social problems. In each of these situations, it is a normal reaction for you to feel overwhelmed and helpless when your best efforts don’t help your child feel or behave better.

After months of social distancing, working at home, remote learning, no camp, play dates, group activities, cancelled vacations & re-entry back-to-school, there is no doubt that the present covid-19 situation is enhancing challenging home issues.

Many parents, children & adolescents have been feeling anxious, sad, lonely, angry withdrawn and may exhibit behavioral challenges. While some children may appear to be fine, you as parents worry about their long-term social & educational future.

I am here to help you & look forward to enriching and improving your family life. You may be struggling, but remember, during this time, you are also strong & resilient!

Are you ready for help to promote happy, healthy, resilient children & adolescents and create peaceful, loving homes?

Family clients have resolved issues with the following.    Click Here to See What They Are Saying About Us

• How do I add structure in my home & effectively discipline in a loving way?
• What can I do to deal with & reduce sibling rivalry?
• How can I help my child better handle their emotions at home & school?
• How can I help my child who has difficulty socially making & keeping friends?
• What can I do to end my child’s/teen’s power struggles, tantrums & meltdowns?
• How can I communicate more effectively with my child when s/he is anxious?

Take Your Parenting from Ordinary to Extraordinary!
In our sessions you will learn this & more:

• Facts about child brain development & what kind of parenting & discipline are most appropriate and constructive at all ages & developmental stages;
• Present moment parenting: how to stay present, validate & connect in a way that reaches your child's heart.
• Methods to calmly connect and communicate love for your child/adolescent no matter how intense the behavior while still setting clear & consistent limits;
• Tips on becoming their safe harbor & how to navigate your child/adolescent through the storm to achieve insight, empathy, repair & continue to refuel your relationship;
• The most common discipline mistakes even the best parents make;
• The language of positivity, teaching emotional regulation, social skills competency, anxiety & anger reduction;

ZOOM With Me

Although we cannot have sessions in person, ZOOM on-line is a safe, secure & easy way to receive support, encouragement, strategies & tools to assist you to inspire & guide your family to continued success.

Check out our pages:

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• Parent Talk  Series: Enjoy our animated e-learning videos.
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Articles: Inspirational readings.
Resources: Covid-19 family resources & more.

No GREATer Teacher is You – the Parent & your Child is Your GREATest Growth Gift!

Parent Coaching

• One-on-one opportunity to acquire & adapt powerful attachment-based parenting skills that promote success & enhance your parent-child relationship.

• Meetings are scheduled every other week, or as often as you prefer.

• Parents learn new skills & begin to utilize them at home.

• Follow- up check-ins are offered to support families in mastering their new parenting skills &scripts.

Positive Parenting

• Parenting all children & teens, especially those with ADHD, learning differences, mild ASD, oppositional defiance, mood, adoption & attachment disorders requires a positive, mindful, connective approach.

Explore: the attitude of PLACE, the developmental brain, positivity language, meltdown
/power struggle reduction, enhance self-esteem & character building.

Anxiety Reduction

• The coronavirus has upended family life all around the world  & produced an enormous amount of stress for individuals & families to navigate.

• Acquire effective techniques to immediately help you & your children calm.

• Go-to tools for morning/evening routines, reducing meltdowns & more.

• On-line tools, exercises & The Kids HeartSmart® Program.

Theraplay® Social Skills

• Theraplay® is a lively, fun, playful method that produces remarkable changes in the lives of families.

Parents, children/teens are guided through activities that promote self-regulation, peer relationships, perspective taking.

• Youth explore how their behavior affects others.

• Use the TACTICS TOOLBOX- with over 45 concrete strategies for success.

To be in your child's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today!

Our attachment-based parenting approaches, strategies & embracing the"4 S's" of being present will take you from ordinary to extraordinary!

When you are mentally & emotionally present for your child, you show up in ways that will both greatly empower you as a parent & promote resilience & strength in your child.

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