Parent Talk Episode:
The Right Parenting Tools Make All the Difference

Welcome: The Parent Talk Series is a fun e-learning way to educate & support parents with “strength based” attachment parenting methods that deliver loving, positive messages & tools.

The right parenting tools are vital, especially with children & teens with ADHD, LD, mild ASD & anxiety. It's important to understand your child's diagnosis, symptoms & behaviours plus use a positivity approach & toolbox of strategies that foster their success & your loving parent-child relationship.

Parent Talk Episode: Incompetence versus Non-Compliant Behaviour

Making the distinction between incompetence versus non-compliant behaviour is a very important tool for your parenting toolbox. Otherwise children will be punished & shamed for behaviour they have little control over. Utilize this tool to help you gain knowledge & confidence in how to handle day-to-day situations that may arise.

Our connection, as parents, is essential now more than ever for our children's social-emotional well-being.

Parent Talk Episode: Children Not Sharing & The Importance of Teaching Social Skills

Children with ADHD, LD, mild ASD & anxiety often miss social cues & meanings. How can you teach your child social skills? Are you ready to become your child's Emotional-Social Coach?

TacTics  Multi-Family ZOOM Social Skills Groups is a lively, engaging, program where parents, children & teens come together in 4 two-hour sessions held on weekends. Families are guided through Theraplay activities & the Social Thinking curriculum exploring emotional-regulation, friendship, perspective taking skills. Join us to learn more.

Parent Talk Episode: The Way We Choose to See Things

What we choose to focus on & how we choose to respond can shift children from a negative to a positive state.

Understand that even in their most difficult moments, there is ALWAYS SOMETHING your child is doing RIGHT. It's our job to find it & comment on it.

Using the lens of positivity & validating the wonderful strengths we see kids display during any given moment, creates success for them from the inside out.

Parent Talk Episode: Shifting to a Positivity Perspective

Everyday many of us take either a glass half full or a glass half empty perspective of life.

So shifting to a positivity perspective, enhances a child's self-esteem. It creates deeper parent-child relationships & embraces all they are & who they will become. Add a description here.

Parent Talk Episode: Sending a Child to His Room as a Consequence Does Not Work.

Discipline does not mean to punish, it means to show up, be present to co-regulate & teach our children new skills.

Behaviour is a result of feelings. When a situation occurs, look at the FEELINGS beneath the behaviour so you can reframe the behavior & teach calming skills. As role models, parents are their child's surrogate frontal lobe. Here are some tips to help. 

What you do & say matters. Children need to experience co-regulation from a parent to have a foundation for self-regulation.