Parent Talk Episode:
The Right Parenting Tools Make All the Difference

Welcome: The Parent Talk Series is a fun e-learning way to educate & support parents with “strength based” attachment parenting methods that deliver loving, positive messages & tools.

The right parenting tools are vital, especially with children & teens with ADHD, LD, mild ASD & anxiety. It's important to understand your child's diagnosis, symptoms & behaviours plus use a positivity approach & toolbox of strategies that foster their success & your loving parent-child relationship.

Parent Talk Episode: Incompetence versus Non-Compliant Behaviour

Making the distinction between incompetence versus non-compliant behaviour is a very important tool for your parenting toolbox. Otherwise children will be punished & shamed for behaviour they have little control over. Utilize this tool to help you gain knowledge & confidence in how to handle day-to-day situations that may arise.

Our connection, as parents, is essential now more than ever for our children's social-emotional well-being.

Parent Talk Episode: Children Not Sharing & The Importance of Teaching Social Skills

Children with ADHD, LD, mild ASD & anxiety often miss social cues & meanings. How can you teach your child social skills? Are you ready to become your child's Emotional-Social Coach?

TacTics  Multi-Family ZOOM Social Skills Groups is a lively, engaging, program where parents, children & teens come together in sessions. In this 4 two-hour session program held Sundays, families are guided through Theraplay activities & the Social Thinking curriculum. They explore emotional-regulation, friendship, perspective taking skills in concrete visual concepts that help them understand how their behaviour impacts on others. Families create their own TacTics Family Toolbox with over 45 calming strategies.

Amidst the learning, parents & children are playing and enjoying giggles & hugs. Parents can easily transfer new skills to home life creating success for all.