Nurtured Heart Parenting

The Nurtured Heart Approach®


• Your connection is the #1 thing that your child needs from you.

• The Nurtured Heart® Approach is a POSITIVE, CONNECTING RELATIONSHIP MODEL where you & your children thrive.

• It inspires transformative change in all children, adolescents & adults, especially for those diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, ASD, anxiety, bi-polar & attachment issues.


• A concrete path toward promoting success, building character qualities & self-confidence in children.

• The important structure of the 3 Stands, a life-long gift of building resilience.

• The benefits of Time-In vs.Time-Out.

• Greater clarity to establish clear boundaries.

• The power of RESETS vs.traditional consequences.

• To embrace non-punitive ways to parent, even when difficulties arise.
As a parent, you may be frustrated by the poor results you experience from correcting, lecturing, initiating time-outs, or removing privileges. These traditional approaches to discipline rarely work with children who have behavioral disorders.

• Tired of the stress & drama associated with tantrums, defiant, oppositional behaviour?
• Wanting to stop the constant negativity?
• Desiring to restore love, respect, hope & peace to your home?
• Realizing the parenting method you are using is not working?
• Needing parenting or classroom management skills that actually change things for the better permanently?

Are You Ready for a Shift?

The Nurtured Heart Approach® (NHA) Is more than just a parenting or educator behaviour management strategy. It is a philosophy for creating healthy relationships with the people in your life. Originally created by Howard Glasser in 1992, NHA is being successfully implemented through families, classrooms, foster care, health care professionals, social workers & criminal justice organizations that are seeking successful, early intervention techniques.

NHA is really a mindset, an energetic shift, a perspective on our roles as parents & educators & a way of showing up & being. In that shift, comes many shifts, including behavior improvement & growth of positive character qualities.

• It consists of a set of strategies that assists children in further developing their self-regulation & has been found effective with children of all ages.

• It focuses on transforming the way children perceive themselves, their parents, educators & the world around them.

• Children learn to understand that they will receive endless amounts of praise, energy, recognition & reward through the positive behaviour they display & this supports children to build a positive portfolio of themselves we call “Inner Wealth.”

Intensity is Key to Nurtured Heart® Thinking.
Unfortunately, the word intensity has negative associations & parents & educators can view it as the enemy.

• In NHA we believe intensity is a powerful quality that, when developed correctly, can propel children to amazing achievements.

• When a child learns to feel great about their intensity, the incidents of challenging behaviour dissolve.

• Real transformation comes from awakening within & that comes from our children being seen, recognized & appreciated for what they already are on the inside... creating success.

NHA teaches parents & educators how to shift their attention & energy plus use their relationship to create inner wealth while transforming behavior using 3 stands:

Absolutely NO! De-Energize Negativity – this is where a parent makes a conscious decision to no longer reward misbehavior with large doses of time, attention, or emotion.
Absolutely YES! Energize Success – which means to recognize and honor children when they are doing well. Use these times as teachable moments.
Absolutely CLEAR! Set Strict Limits and Consequences – parents instill trust and confidence in their child by remaining consistent and holding them accountable.

• Improved self-esteem
• Academic success
• Ability to confidently make decisions
• Enhanced social skills
• Ability to manage strong emotions &impulses
• More confidence when interacting with peers & adults
• Value driven, not needing rewards to “do the right thing”

Thank you for taking the first step!

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