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Parent To Inspire Programs

Parent Coaching:
• Together in sessions, we will address your urgent needs first as we help restore & create peace in your home & with your family.

Positive Parenting: From Ordinary to Extraordinary!
• Embrace a strength-based parenting approach to foster connective communication, self-esteem & enhance your parent-child/teen relationship.

ADHD & LD Parenting: Be Present & Connected!
• How to manage ADHD symptoms, behaviors & challenges at home & enhance your parent-child connection.

Tame Your Child's Fire: Emotional Regulation Tools that Work!

• Explore the Polyvagal Theory: How to reduce their sympathetic (high arousal) & increase their parasympathetic (low arousal) nervous systems.
• Become an emotion detective & help them manage their “big” feelings.

Programs for Parents & Children

Theraplay® Social & Thinking Skills Groups
• Become your child’s social coach & utilize new skills at home to foster emotional regulation, perspective taking & friendship skills.

HeartMath® Anxiety & Anger Reduction Groups

• Children & teens learn what its like to be In-sync & Out-of-sync, how it impacts on others & what steps to take to self-regulate using HeartMath® heart-rate variability tools.
Weather Report, Shift & Shine & more.

Programs for Adults

HeartMath® Anxiety & Anger Reduction
• Learn what it means to be In & Out of Sync & acquire 3 anxiety reduction tools to improve mental clarity.

Theraplay® Young Adults Social Skills Group (ages 17 & up) 
• A safe place where young adults can meet & make new friends, acquire pro-social skills plus enjoy activities together.

Adult ADHD Support Group:
• Learn the power of positivity, strategies for stress & anxiety reduction, relationship, organization & time management for home & work.

School & Organizational Presentations Upon Request

Teach to Inspire- Positive Educator Workshop

HeartMath®  Anxiety/Anger Reduction Teacher Workshop

Classroom Theraplay®  Social Thinking Skills

Theraplay® Sunshine Circles: Nurture your Classroom with Play.

We Offer a Variety of Presentations to Choose From:
• Positive Teaching Workshop for Educators
• Positive Parenting Workshop
• No Drama Parenting Workshop
• Whole Brain Parenting Workshop
• HeartMath® Anxiety/Anger Reduction
• Teacher Workshop
• HeartMath® Anxiety/Anger Reduction
• Parent Workshop Present Moment Parenting: Promoting Success Using Positivity & Pizazz
• Building Social Skills Competency: Helping Your Child Find Social Success
• Demystifying ADHD: Tools Every Parent Should Have
• Parenting ADHD Teens: Expectations, Strategies & Staying Connected
• Stop the Yelling! Techniques to End Button Pushing & Power Struggles
• ADHD Classroom Strategies & Accommodations
• Adaptive Technology: Tools for Student’s Success
• Stamp Out Bullying Programs for Parents or Schools
• Conflict Management: Teacher Strategies Workshop
• ADD Women: Uncovering Your Hidden Gifts

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