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Through the years, it has been both a privilege and an honor to meet so many wonderful, devoted parents & work with their beautiful children. Allow me to take this moment to thank you all for your trust in me & your dedication to learn and utilize new approaches & tools that create success for your entire family. Stay safe.
With gratitude,

"This 4 week program is a great learning experience for the whole family. We have a new way to speak about emotions and we have all gained insight on what it takes to recognize our own feelings and how they can influence others in positive and negative ways. Linda has so many great games to illustrate the different ideas presented, we didn't even notice our time together fly by!"

Alaina P
Parent attended program March 2021

” Since we began your Theraplay Social Skills Group, Adam has progressed by leap and bounds. Your guidance has completely removed all helplessness, hopelessness, doubt, anger and fear and is replaced by a joyous, loving, divine and harmonious relationship with my son. We are finally enjoying and loving each other for real without any expectations or judgements and for that I will remain eternally grateful to you. I write this words and I am moved to my core with tears running down because of a film strip in my mind of where we were and how far we have come in a matter of 4-5 weeks. That is a true blessing called a “miracle.” We see a bright sunny sky ahead with a double rainbow all because of you and a golden pot of pure Love and Light. Thank you for being there, for having gone through it and having the passion, generosity and the compassion to pay it forward and teach us all that have come after you, on how to love our children in a healthy way, help them reach their highest potential and be the best that they can be. You are an earth angel.”

Rula M

“I am the parent of a child who has both ADHD and anger management issues. I heard wonderful things about Linda and decided to sign up for her programs because I desperately needed help. Through her Theraplay and Heart Math courses I learned things about my child that I guess I never understood before; why he acted out and why it was so difficult for him to relax. I also learned about myself and what I needed to do as a parent to make him happier and healthier. Through Linda’s quiet, calm demeanor, I realized I was not alone. Nor was my child. She taught us both how to communicate with each other in a way we never could before. She is so caring and truly understands the child/parent relationship and as such, teaches us as parents, how to enhance our communication with our children to a level that is warm, understanding, comforting and loving, all the attributes my child and I now share. Thank you Linda for helping me change the relationship between myself and my son. I cannot wait to take more classes! With much appreciation.

Julie K

“What a different way to see my son and you gave me a lot of ideas to solve problems and change our family dynamics. This is the first time in my life as a mother that I got so many positive, practical strategies and tips that work. Linda is very empathetic and knowledgeable. I recommend this program to all parents, not only for parents with children with ADHD. This program is unique and very, very important.“

Lucy C

"Linda I heard about you for years and am angry with myself we didn't come to you sooner for help. What a pleasure to have you work with our family. You are so kind, playful and loving. My children adore you and always ask when we are seeing you again. Even my husband enjoys our sessions and that speaks volumes. We have been using all the skills you taught us, especially the 4 S's of being present. That was so important for us to learn as that is what parenting is about. My husband and I understand so much more about our boys and we finally work together as parents which is a big deal for us. I recommend you to everyone I know. I even suggested my principal have you do a talk at Mica's school. Thank you, we love you."

Christine B

“I don’t feel alone anymore-learned tons and tons of new strategies for parenting and all of them are so valuable. Linda is compassionate and dedicated. I learned to tune in to my child’s feelings beneath her behaviour and the importance of nurture and structure," 

Stella E

“What success my son and I experienced in your social skills group. He uses a lot of the new skills at home. So do I, we stopped the yelling and are much closer. So glad you are there to guide us.“

Karen T

"I have suffered from anxiety all my life and so does my 14 year old daughter. A friend who took part in your program referred me and I'm grateful she did. After learning the HeartMath exercise, we both religiously practiced it every morning and at bedtime. You were right, it became a habit and we both are doing so much better at calming ourselves. Thank you Linda." 

Joanna M

"As a father I was not happy how I was parenting my two young children. My yelling and punishing when all else failed did not work and I felt so guilty. You helped me understand so much about my children's "big" feelings, what they were capable of at their ages and how to connect to them with positivity. My children tell me I'm doing "a Linda" when they hear me use your tools. Our home is more calm and I am more playful now. Thank you Linda."

Carl F

"I’ve seen a tremendous change in my child. Thank you for your social skills program, it made a huge difference for my son. Trevor is now using the skills you taught him at school and his teacher called to say she is so pleased with his wonderful improvement. She is using the turtle reset and some of your regulation tools with her whole class.“

Mary S


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