HeartMath® Stress & Anxiety Reduction

The coronavirus has upended life all around the world & produced an enormous amount of stress for individuals & families to navigate.

Although it is natural to occasionally feel worry, fear, anger & grief as emotions wax and wane throughout the day, TOXIC STRESS is unhealthy & difficult to cope with.

You, your children and adolescents may experience an array of emotions & undesirable behavior.

•Increased anxiety & worry during the pandemic.

• Panic attacks & you don’t know how to help yourself or your children.

• Your home feels like a battle field as your child/ adolescent is irritable, inflexible & angry.

• Your child/adolescent spends most of the time isolating in their room. They appear sad & withdrawn from family & friends.

Taking care of yourself & your family’s emotional health is vital for the immune system & mental state of mind. What can you do to help?

The great news is HeartMath® exercises & techniques are for the whole family & when utilized, immediately reduce anxiety, anger & negative emotions to help restore a sense of calm & inner ease.

What is HeartMath®?

It is a system of validated, leading-edge programs & advanced technologies used by hundreds of thousands of individuals, families, schools & classroom, health professionals & athletes world wide.

Internationally recognized for practical solutions that can reduce stress, anxiety & anger, HeartMath® also build’s people’s heart coherence & resilience.

Effective self-regulation techniques are easy to learn & designed to be used “in the moment” whatever the situation, meaning that you can bring your best self to your personal, family, professional & social lives.

Introducing Individual & Family HeartMath® Sessions

• Led by Certified HeartMath® practitioner Linda Aber.

• Individuals or Family (parents & their children/teens) will learn to halt the chaos, strengthen & sustain positive receptive states.

• Families will experience the HeartMath® Program for Children & utilize effective, fun on-line tools.

Benefits: As a result of using HeartMath® interventions, children, teens & adults experience:

• Ability to self-regulate.
• Resilience, more energy, better mood & feeling of well-being.
• Greater mental clarity for decision-making, problem-solving & planning.
• Emotional awareness & sensitivity to relationship issues.
• Ability to maintain or re-establish composure in challenging situations.
• Ability to communicate more effectively.
• Cooperation among family members & peers.
• Improved intuition.

• Meltdowns & power struggles.
• Test anxiety.
• Less worry, overwhelm & feelings of anxiousness.
• Sleeplessness & fatigue
• Generalized stress & physical symptoms of stress.

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