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Linda Aber, Certified HeartMath® Mentor & Practitioner

Introduces HeartMath, an Evidenced-Based Approach that Teaches Adults & Youth Emotional Self-Regulation by Harnessing the Power of "Heart-Brain" Communication

The addition of HeartMath® to my repetoire of heart-based approaches is truly a perfect fit. The methodology of positivity found in Nurtured Heart® & Theraplay® programs, is profoundly enhanced & continues to radiate with HeartMath®. I look forward to sharing this approach with Montreal families & schools.

Our New HeartMath® Programs for Parents, Youth & Educators:

  • for Individuals
  • for Individual Family
  • Multi-Family HeartMath® Groups (for child, teen & their parents)
  • HeartMath® Parent Workshops
  • HeartMath® Teacher Workshops

Daily Stressors & Negative Emotions

Parents, especially those with youth diagnosed with ADHD, learning disabilities, aspergers, anxiety & oppositional defiance, face tension with everyday challenges: getting children prepared & on time for school, sibling rivalry, homework & power struggles.

Youth have their triggers: the morning routine of waking up, getting ready & on time for school, test anxiety, homework, forgetting school materials, being teased, feeling left out, sibling rivalry, deadlines for projects & bed time routine.

Did you know that Negative Emotions drain your inner battery emotionally, mentally & physically?

  • We can never eliminate stress, anxiety, frustration & anger from our lives-but we CAN learn to manage & reverse the  damage from each emotional drain.
  • Remember, it is not the events that do the harm, it is HOW we RESPOND to them.

How Different Would Your Life Be If You & Your Family Members Could Intentionally Shift Yourselves Out of Tension, Anxiety & Anger Into A Relaxed, Clear Minded State In Just 30 Seconds?

In Our HeartMath® Parents Workshops & Family Sessions

Parents & Youth Will Learn Practical, Easy Techniques, Exercises & Technology that Can Be Practiced Daily to:

  • Actively reduce their stress, anxiety, anger levels & negative emotions.
  • Change stress-producing attitudes.
  • Reset physiological reactions to stressors in the present moment, as events occur.
  • Establish a new base line of personal resilience & coherent communication.
  • Transfer learnings to daily situations & interactions.
  • Reduce Test Anxiety

What is HeartMath® ?

  • The HeartMath® Institute, an international leader in stress reduction & emotion management has developed a research-based system of scientifically validated tools, techniques, exercises & technology to ensure that our internal states, communications & relationships- those of the heart, brain & other bodily systems are in sync .
  • It has conducted studies and published research on a broad range of subjects, including emotional regulation, heart-brain interactions, health & well being, human relationships and optimal performance.
  • These studies have dramatically established that the HEART plays a central role in optimizing the body's cognitive, sensory, hormonal & information processing systems.
  • HeartMath® Research has identified a measurable physiological state that underlies stress, anxiety, optimal learning & performance.

The State of Coherence Increases Attention, Executive Functioning, Well-being & Reduces Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Frustration, Test Anxiety

By learning Emotional Self-Regulation Techniques, Adults & Youth can:
  • Increase coherence
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Establish a new baseline for sustained physiological & behavioural change.

All techniques & exercises work to align your heart, breath & nervous system (emotions).

Discover How All Adults, Children & Teens Can Benefit From Emotional Self-Regulation Coherence Training

  • reduces stress levels & test anxiety
  • increases mental clarity & energy
  • better able to communicate
  • improved relationships at home, school & work.

HeartMath® at School

Thousands of students & teachers in schools & universities world-wide are using the Institute of HeartMath's educational programs & methodologies to manage stress, reduce test anxiety, improve learning, strengthen relationships & improve classroom climate.
  • Students learn a core set of tools & strategies that become part of meaningful rituals & routines in the classroom & after-school program.
  • For many educators, it has become an important & fun part of classroom behavioural management & high stakes test preparation.
  • The feedback enables students to more effectively manage their stress levels & negative emotions, leading to improved cognitive performance, learning ability, creativity, reduced impulsivity, self-regulation & emotional control.
  • Students gain proficiency in this technology & are able to transfer their learnings throughout daily situations.

School Applications:

  • Regular classrooms
  • Counseling programs
  • After-school programs
  • Behaviour support programs
  • Special education classrooms

To Gain the Full Benefits of the HeartMath® System for Your Staff & Students, Contact Us at 514-487-3533 for Teacher Workshops

You will learn about the system of techniques, the biofeedback technology & how to embed HeartMath® into school culture to the benefit of both staff & students.

Workshop: Being the Resilient Educator- Using HeartMath®

  • This program is your full introduction into the HeartMath® system & how you as adults can benefit from using the techniques.
  • We do explore how this system can be used in the classroom & one-to-one environment with the student.
  • The main focus will be on you - understanding, learning the system & techniques for yourself.
  • You will also have opportunities to practice with the technologies & how to integrate these techniques within your classroom.





"When mindfulness embraces those we love, they bloom like flowers."

- Thich Nhat Hanh


  • HeartMath
    Stress, Anxiety & Anger reduction workshops

  • Nurtured Heart Parent Workshops

  • Support Groups for Parents of Children/Teens with ADHD, LD & Aspergers Syndrome

  • Theraplay Social & Thinking Skills Groups for Children/Teens AND their Parents

  • Sunshine Circles for School: Nurture Your Classroom with Play

  • Nurtured Heart School & Teacher Workshops:

Presented as a
Guest Speaker at:

  • (QPAT) The Quebec Provincial Teacher's Convention

  • LDAQ Montreal Chapter 1 Parent Conference

  • The Bronfman Educational Teacher's Convention

  • McGill Distinguished Speaker's Seminar

  • AQETA Learning Disabilities Association Conference

  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board SEAC Parent Conference

  • Tyndale St. George

  • St. Colombia House

  • plus numerous Montreal schools